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Report - Clifton Records Room Bunker - Bristol - June 2020


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Nice day out with @Fluffy & @Lord Oort in the baking sun. Best time to go underground!

@tumbles did a recent report of this with which did a great job covering the history in detail, so I wont' try and replicate that all.

The tunnel was originally a train tunnel as part of the 'Clifton Extension Railway' before it was closed and demolished in 1922. This make was to make way for the A4 Portway road.
It then became re-purposed into this 'Bomb proof' record room for storing all sorts of documents. The history isn't really well recorded as it was meant to be kept fairly secret.

The Explore
When it's near 30C outside, it's nice to go underground when it's near 10C. Lovely and refreshing!

A nice easy explore with some pretty cool features. It's flooded with a few inches of water, so bring ya wellies!
The's an upstairs mez floor with some old record storage boxes which were pretty cool. A nice little bunker.




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I had exactly the same idea as you to go here on the hottest day....was a good choice. I think I'll leave my thread for a little while so as to not be too repetitive though :D


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It’s a good one this, and you’ve done it justice with yer pics damn! Good report pal.


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This was a top day, enjoyed your company guys, thanks for having my girlfriend and I along to join you. Maybe next time can we pick a slightly cooler day though? :D I'll add my pics when I get a chance.


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I feel a bit like a child hitting a saucepan with a stick, attempting to follow the last night of the Proms at the Royal Albert Hall with these photos, but here goes sod all :D


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