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Report - Cligga Head Explosive Works, July 2011


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Cligga Head explosive works formed part of the Nobel explosive works.

The works were constructed in 1893 when the site was built by the "British and Colonial Explosive Company" this was a prime site for them to build on due to the cligga head mine also being on the same site.

Nobles explosives brought out "British and Colonial", how ever mining and production stopped in 1909 as the mining depression hit cornwall. It wasn't until WW1 that the site restarted by producing small amounts of munitions for the front line and again after the war the site was shut down.

A small hope came in 1938 when "Cligga tin and Wolfram Mines Ltd" was created and took over the running of the site however this was to fold a year later. The site was again taken over in 1939 by the Rhodesian Mine company and Mainly Tungsten was mined on the site, however the end of the WW2 was approaching and shipments of tungsten was able to arrive from america meaning that the price of production of the tungsten in the UK increased and the mine was shut down again.

It wasn't until 1960 that the mine was touched again, "Geevor mining company" brought a lease of the site with the intention of reopening both the mine and the surface workings, however they scraped this plan for the alternative of pumping out Levant mine further down the coast. The site was demolished and the mine capped.

A small attempt was made in 1984 to open up and mine tin but this never came the anything and the plans were scrapped in 1985.

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