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Report - Cligga Head Tin Mine, Cornwall, July 2009


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Visited with dweeb, Squirrel, Turk & OT, my second visit to Cligga after we were told that the upper levels were even better than the lower ones, and the lower ones are pretty damn good, check out the reports from our last visit in 2008.

As seems to be the case with most Tin mines, Cligga Head was mined by various companies that came and went, many going bust. It's been mined since 1938 to 1976 and you can tell, there's all sorts of blind offshoots to the main adits and the place is a bit of a warren.

Some of the huge stopes here are of cathedral size and the photo's don't do the place justice unless you have people in there for scale.

The walk down to the shore isn't for the faint hearted and the walk up, well that's just plain hard work! The old guy we met as we reached the top was sure he'd never seen anyone come out that way before.

Shoreline entry to lower level

This is one of the bigger stopes, but without the 10-20 you don't really get the scale!

Lot's of climbing and you can kind of sense it here...

Ageing woodwork

A blurred Squirrel (top of ladder) returns from the leap of faith off the ladder to a higher level. Again scale is lost here with the lens, but I'm on a steep slope and the potential fall for him here is about 20m :eek:


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