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:eek: Don't think anyone's going to admit to owning one of those!

Spec looks similar to our sprayshop masks so ok for emergencies, but with that hood I wouldn't want to wear it for long. I think it would get very wet inside.


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Hmm I'm going to regret asking this but has anyone tried this?

Climax Evacuation 756 Mask - EN 140: 1999 EN 141: 2001 89/686/CEE - ABEK1P3 - [CL-756] The Safety Supply Company PPE Specialists

I'm thinking more about bad air situation underground rather than taking a dump while scoring (fun though that is)
It's a half-face cartridge respirator with a hood.. it isn't going to help in a "bad air" situation. The face-fit isn't going to be any better than a standard half-face mask. Good for dusts or specific chemical vapours in the air if you know in advance what they are and fit the right filters before you get there.

Three-fifths of fuck-all use if there's a lack of oxygen in the environment.

But it will help your corpse resemble a collapsed belisha beacon, making it easier for the recovery team to find.


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"Designed to Protect the User while Escaping to a Safe and Breathable Environment" I wouldn't use it for prolonged use, it looks like it might fog up easily too as its only meant to get you from an incident site to a breathable area.

Like SaltGeorge said, lack of oxygen cannot be tackled unless you have a closed circuit system with its own air. The best I've seen so far is the S10 respirator as long as its in date and servicable. I've just got a toxic industrial chemical filter for it but the standard filters will be fine aswell. The only one better than this is the General Service Respirator that has just replaced the S10 but you're looking at like £90 on ebay.

Like with all masks, keep your filters dry as moisture on any level will defeat your masks capability to keep you safe from whatever is in the air. Keep them in a sealable sandwich bag and keep a log book of when you started using the filters.


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Judging by your avatar you may, like me, be a member of the comedy facial hair jazz troupe.. in which case you need to remember that any respirator you wear must seal against a shaved portion of the face all the way around. A 'tache might get away with a half-face, but a full-face beard will not get a good fit with any respiratory protection that could be described as "cheap".

If anyone wonders why.. the air you breathe will take the path of least resistance - this means around the sides of the mask if worn like a Chinese commuter or High Street manicurist, or through the fuzz of your facial hair if your cheeks are not shaved as smooth as a baby's arse - the end result is the same, it ignores the filter and you get a lungful of what you didn't want to.