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Report - Climbing Holy Cross Bridge (Swietokrzyski Bridge) - Warsaw, Poland - November 2013


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Soon after my first solo trip to Warsaw I started organising next one, cause there is so many places to see or climb there :)
I took me some time to work out the way in, cause it wasn't straight forward :) Thanks to my friends and their sneaky photographs (M - comic book artist and PinkF_) I finally made it :).
I arrived in Warsaw late one night, and again planning to spend there just about 10 hours I had to give it a go. The night was foggy, streets were empty and quiet. Ah and police patrols, police in Poland seems to be or very bored or suspicious, that's what I noticed recently hahaha, they tend to slow down and drive next to you, when see somebody walking around in the middle of night carrying rucksack :). It's a bit annoying I must say... It happened to me few times that night...

Here is some some info about the bridge (Wikipedia) :

Holy Cross Bridge is a bridge over the Vistula river in Warsaw, Poland linking Powiśle neighbourhood with Praga Północ district.
It is a cable-stayed bridge, 479 m long, with two lanes for vehicles, a pavement and a cycle path each way. The single tower, 90 m high, located on the right (eastern) river bank, has 48 cables attached supporting the deck. Near the left (western) bank the bridge is supported by two piers. The bridge was opened on 6 October 2000 after two years' construction. The bridge's name comes from Świętokrzyska Street, which forms part of the access route from the city centre

So this is the first bridge I ever climbed :) and it was a bit scary but amazing experience...

Pics here:

Holy Cross Bridge:



And finally:


There were two round CCTV cameras on the top.. oh well :)


On the left - new metro construction site - woohoo :)


Foggy night..


Bunny ears:




And pic by PinkF_ who joined me later on :) (arghhh I look tired :/)


Enjoy my first bridge :)
I loved it soooo much, want to do more!. "A bridge too far" ? Never :)


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