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Report - clipstone colliery headstock nottingham 09/ 2010



Visited with Host,Hidden Shadow,Bug superstar and Kitty.....Mine and hosts second visit as we epic failed to do the headstocks last time we were here.After another typical (be and mine at 3am) start....says Host....straight after a 10pm shift finish......anyway bit of history and on with the pics....

The pit closed in April 2003. Since 1993 it had been owned by RJB Mining (now UK Coal). The headstocks, grade two listed structures, are known to be the tallest in Europe and more recently the third tallest in the world. They can be seen from miles around. Despite this, there has been a number of appeals to demolish them due to the expense of the upkeep....taken from the internet probably outdated now .....as new headstocks have been built since the closure of this pit...

Host and Hidden Shaddow









A few shots from below the headstocks.....












On to the second explore of the day,well not relay on explore more like a stroll in the park ....time to chill and take some relaxed shots of cooling towers Willington Power Station Cooling Towers Derbyshire 09 2010






Thanks to Kitty and Bugsuperstar for an entertaining day (I WONT MENTION THE KEYS)