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Report - Clipstone Colliery, Nottinghamshire - Feb 2012


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Clipstone Colliery is a coal mine situated near the village of the same name on the edge of an area of Nottinghamshire known as “The Dukeriesâ€￾ because of the number of stately homes in the area. The colliery was owned by the Bolsover Colliery Company and passed to the National Coal Board in 1947.

In 1922 the shafts of Clipstone Colliery were sunk to exploit the Top Hard seam. In the 1950s the shafts were deepened to their current 920m depth to provide access to other seams.

After being closed by British Coal in 1993, the colliery was reopened under the control of RJB Mining in April 1994.

In the past the mine worked the Top Hard seam and the High Hazles seam.
The most recently worked seams are the Yard, at an approximate depth of 870m, and the Deep soft, at an approximate depth of 760m.

The IMC report of 1998 tells us that the current licence held by RJB Mining applies only to the Yard seam. This seam thickness varies from 1.1m - 1.3m and has a sulphur content of 2.0% and a chlorine content of 4.0%
The reserves of this seam lay within a block, the boundaries of which are defined by geological conditions to the north, and by abandoned mineworkings and surface constraints to the west and south.

The Blackshale seam, laying approximately 11m below has not been mined, nor is it likely to be due to it's high dirt content.

The colliery was finally closed in April 2003.

The headstocks of the colliery are regarded as the tallest in Europe and the third tallest in the world. They are Grade 2 Listed structures and can be seen all over the district. They are expensive to keep in good repair and there have been a number of appeals, as yet to no avail, to demolish them.

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