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Report - - Cloughton ROC Post- Yorkshire Group- 05/09/2007 | ROC Posts |

Report - Cloughton ROC Post- Yorkshire Group- 05/09/2007

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this explore was another case of i was away camping and driving along with my wife and son and tomtom showed the presence of a ROC post so it was time to park up and explore.

the positioning on tomtom is way off (i have now found it is the same as DBS' google earth file that places all posts 100m(ish) of the subbrit location. so i headed up the wrong hill then from the top of that hill could see a mound on the hill on the other side of the road so headed up that, only to find that that mound wasnt a ROC post but a disused reservoir (pic here).

i did a bit more trekking through the nettles in my flip flops (as i say it wasnt a planned visit!)

and found the aircraft post followed by the ROC post.

clearly not the best condition ventilation shaft: (or photo for that matter!)

no hatch -never a good sign!

full of crap down the hatch-



now home to lots of snails

sorry for the poor pics, they are off my phone as i didnt have my camera with me.

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