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Report - Club Colosseum Tower Crane - London - August 2014


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I'm not sure of the name of the tower itself, but Club Colosseum situated at the base of the tower closed alongside the rest of the site for redevelopment in May of this year. The entire place was gutted when I looked through the building unfortunately and they were/are in the process of bringing the tower down, level by level. Had my eye on it for awhile and was keeping tabs, The_Raw brought it to my attention again when some new access points became available, went up there with him and 2 non members early one morning. First crane I've been up top of. c:

Only made it about half way out on this section.

Cab absolutely stunk of sweat and aftershave, eyuk. :p


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Nice crisp shot as always mate and a good first crane :thumb..im still yet to do one cos im a big girl


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Great shots, nice work.

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