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Report - Club Karma, Dover. March, 2020

Urban Ginger Hog

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
Was out n about getting my 1 hours supposedly allowed daily exercise, and as I approached this derelict location I noticed there was an entry point. Not wishing to look a gift horse in the mouth, I stuck my head inside. Downside was I only had my mobile phone on me but on the plus side my Olight headtorch was in my top pocket. Initially expecting some poor homeless chap to be taking up residency or some smackhead to jump out on me, I was on my guard. After a quick check it was clear and I had the place to myself. Given that it suffered a fire some years back, the 1st two floors were in ok condition. The upper level stairs were in a dodgy state, but in for a penny in for a pound, I pressed on. It's in this section of the building where you can clearly see the full extent of the fire. Took some quick shots on my phone, which don't do this place justice but nevermind!

Bit of history:
Club Karma, previously known as NuAge and Studio 1, opened its doors in early 2010, after undergoing a phenomenal refurbishment. The renovation was a long and rigorous process taking over 1.5 years. It boasted 3 individually themed rooms, that were very different from each other. Clubbers would enter through a wall of vibrant LED walls panels to the ground floor bar, Buddha Lounge. Other bars were the V.I.P and Divas. The Buddha Lounge was predominantly a themed, pre-club cocktail bar playing a mixture of Lounge and Soulful house. Bar Divas was an upbeat space playing dance, electro, house and anything else that would get clubbers onto the red tiled glitzy dancefloor. The V.I.P bar was known for playing RnB and funky house music. This bar was for members only, which included table service.

Over the years, this nightclub received several complaints from local residents and councillors alike. This was due to the levels of anti-social behaviour which came after clubbers exited the club. It finally fell foul to arsonists who torched the place, ironically on the same day as the old Yacht club located just 1km down the road.

Well till next time people, stay safe and try not to cough on each other



Urban Ginger Hog

28DL Full Member
28DL Full Member
oh my god, this place was god awful when it was open LOL
blast from the past.... i remember sobering up really quick when i went in there, there were some very very strange beings on them dance floors!
I never went in but to be fair it doesn't look to bad. I suspect there were plenty of turds in there though, no wonder you sobered up quick lol

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