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Report - Clydebank Catacombes (or something along those lines) - March 2011


Got Epic?
Staff member
Fuck knows what section to put this in!

Basically we had been exploring for three days, getting a grand total of about 2 hours of car snooze and 2 hours of pure tramping it up snooze. Bedtime appeared to have moved itself from 'night time' to '1 o'clock in the afternoon' and what with a night of crane climbing looming we decided to take advantage of the rare (in Scotland) sunny afternoon by getting a few hours shut eye in the local derelict swimming baths basement.. Grand..

All went well, i slept for a bit, woke up around 6pm, the clocks had changed the day before so luckily it was still light and a few stray rays were seeping around the nearby manhole cover. I had decided in advance to get up before sunset and get a few last shots of the baths upstairs while we still had the light. Trouble is last time the baths were full of PIR sensors and as soon as you got in it was time to get out again. I woke Dweeb and told him to pack his stuff so we could make a quick exit if needs be..

After this point things started to stray from the plan a little. Heading up the the baths we were distracted, a door lead off into some tunnels we had not looked at on our trips last year. We decided it was best we have a quick look before potentially dropping the bells so we took the tunnel.. and then the next, and the next and then the stairs and then the next set of stairs and so on.. The place was a maze, i was fully expecting to pop out in the Aztec Zone at any moment tbfh!

With little time to take photos we pressed on until we came to a door.. 'stage door'.. wtf? stage door?? since when did a public baths have a 'stage door'?

Then it began
















Which way was the exit again??