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Report - Clywd Alloys, Coed Talon September 2020


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I recently somehow found myself in North Wales following a sort of work sort of explore weird day, and realised that we were very close to the site of Clywd Alloys so decided to swing past. It's one of those locations that's been on my 'I will eventually go there when I'm in the area' list for years now and I finally found myself in the right place to make it work out.

The site was originally Gem Brick & Tile Works until it was wound up in 1901, it then became Alyn Brick & Terracotta Company. The chimney, built by Ephram Jones, was added in 1911 but by 1916 the plant had closed once more, and was refitted as a silica works for Colin Stewart Ltd. This particular venture lasted until 1959 and after that it was bought by Clywd Alloys for use as a foundry for the reclamation of scrap metals. It closed for good in 2002 and although plans for housing on site have been mooted, nothing has stuck and it's still here eighteen years on.

There's not masses to see inside, it's the definition of a rotting industrial hulk but the decay in areas is very nice and I found it quite photogenic. There is a culvert that runs under the site but we didn't have time to check it out properly or suitable footwear unfortunately.

Thanks for looking :)​

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