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Report - Co-op Belmont Row | Birmingham September 2018


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First report newbie (but definitely not my first explore).

This site was destroyed in a fire 11 years ago, on January 11 2007 in a suspected arson attack, and part of the building collapsed a week later, during a large storm, as its structural integrity was lost. At this point it was the property of Eccles Rubber and Cycle Co, but it was originally built as a furniture factory the Co-op. I suspect that it will be demolished in the upcoming future, as the surrounding areas are undergoing a regeneration project (and a brand new road was built to the factory). There have been new gates installed, new fences etc. too.

After a failed attempt to get into the Tea Factory, undeterred, me and a friend walked around Birmingham looking for tall buildings to climb. Until we found this.


The building from the outside, with the new road in view.



The basement, by far the most creepy part. If my friend was not holding a torch, it would be pitch black. The only light came from the staircase, and two extremely small holes in the roof above. It was riddled with everything, from rusting bedframes to cabinets



A view of the main production area (where the roof caved in, meaning there is no remaining floor there). Note the metal support beams and curved windows, extremely common in Victorian architecture.


Stairs to the first floor. There even was a love heart graffiti, dated 2012. I wonder if they're still together (Tip: exploring > girls). The stairs to the second floor collapsed, so there was no access to it.



Firstly, there is a view of the main area from a wall hole on the first floor. As you can imagine, some great shots of me and my friend were took there. The second is just a sporadic shot into some room, which we couldn't go in due to the collapsed floor.

All in all, a good explore. I suspect it will be demolished soon so if anyone fancies hitting it up it will be best to do it in the near future.

Luke vaughan

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I’ve been to this lots aha but couldn’t get anywhere from inside and down road there’s another factory which is massive tbf but it’s smashed af


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