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Report - Co-Op Funeralcare, Reading January 2020

Callum Cromwell01

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28DL Full Member
Former Funeral Directors in one of Reading's last remaining Art Deco Buildings (1940s Roughly), Which closed down recently and moved to a bigger building on the other side of Reading.
The building is pretty cool itself but very eerie knowing only a few weeks back it was in use. Eventually the building will be demolished and be sold off most likely as part of the empty land next door and the Former Chip Shop just around the corner 5 mins away.
As far as im aware the building has always been a Funeral Directors since it was built.
All what remains inside the building is the stuff they left behind along with the souls of the loved ones which was kept in here until the Funeral.

Its a pretty odd building knowing what it was used for all them years.
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Calamity Jane

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my mate was a body collector.......grim job don’t know how he did it.........even him telling me about it made me feel queasy
I just love the idea of helping & making someone as beautiful as is possible, for their families and dignity, before being laid to rest. I guess it comes from nursing for yrs before changing into another area.

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