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Report - Coal Board site- Consett Co. Durham 14/08/2006



Hello this is my first post. On Monday night me and a friend were out for a drive. We happened upon this place and had a poke around. We decided it was worthy of taking a trip home to get the camera for.

I know Aeinstein and Inewton from this site and aeinstein directed m here to post up the pics.

So the site:

Well its some kind of Coal board site something to do with fixed power generators or something like that. There was a big tower with a pipe and a room underneath which isn't in the photo's but which I will Photograph and put up so here you go.


The view of the site


We climbed up this ladder from the ground floor to the 1st floor

This was the shower room


There was a clean room as well which we unfortunately haven't got a photo of.
Access was really really easy as its just left with no security no nothing hop a fence and your in(infact there's even a stile to help you in). Its a fairly small site and only took about half an hour of in depth exploration, there was a fair few shotgun shells lying around and there was hundreds of rabbits. I think some of the out houses may get used as storage for animals as there was old hay in some of them.

I thought it was alright for a first time exploration. Bug has kind of bitten now so I think we're going to investigate a recently closed factory and maybe go and see St mary's hospital at the weekend.



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Don't suppose u got any pictures of the shaft in air vent shaft used to play down there as kids that's me mates name on door lol


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This was 14 years ago and qwerty no longer seems to be a member or at least you can not click his profile and it says guest under his name.

Is your name by the vent shaft by any chance? Lol

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