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Report - Cocking Lime Works - West Sussex - June 2020


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Hey everyone,

First post here after lurking for many years. Finally got out to do a spot of exploring at Cocking Lime Works.

"Cocking Lime Works and its associated chalk quarry are abandoned industrial sites in the South Downs of England. They are to the south of the village of Cocking, West Sussex, close to the South Downs Way. ... Cocking was the source of lime used for the manufacture of Midhurst White bricks and for agricultural purposes."

Parked up and headed up the path to the Quarry area first, surprisingly a lot bigger than I expected and a great view point too. Weather was great and not a soul in sight!






After roaming around the quarry for a short while and looking over the downs while eating lunch we headed down towards the plant area. Defintely overgrown, slippery. The kiln platforms are corroded and definitely unsafe (even though I did venture out onto one half way its probably best not to! The metal platforms are completely rusted and you can see through to the floor. Also, you drop into one of those and you're not getting out again!





Graffiti and rubbish here and there from previous visitors, The truck was a cool feature as well as the machinery. I would have loved to venture up some of the metal staircases but my girlfriend didnt want me dead just yet! Someone has placed a handy rope around a branch to climb up into one of the machine rooms. It looks unsafe but was pretty good and got my 6ft 4in, 15 stone ass up there! (You can access this before you get down into the plant too)







We'd been at the quarry and plant for well over 90 minutes and were just gathering our kit before leaving just as my girlfriend heard people chatting and we noticed other people looking around before getting sussed out rather quickly by security from the Cowdray Estate (The guard parked up in the A286 layby gated area in a 4x4). We spoke to the guard when he was leaving and he informed us that someone had made a call reporting that people had entered the site. We went in unnoticed at the Quarry end but perhaps not so much for the others as we were told they werent there too long! Luckily we had managed to see what we wanted and he just asked us politely to follow the path leading out on to the main road. A 15 minute walk up hill lead us back to the car park and off we headed to get ice cream and check out Cowdray Ruins which was unfortunately surrounded by Haras fencing!

A good couple of hours outside and a fun first explore and now scouring the website for somewhere else to visit this weekend around Sussex!.. Is Newlands School at Seaford still standing?


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