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Report - Cocking Lime Works / West Sussex - May 2015


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Cocking Lime Works / West Sussex - May 2015

Hi all,

Since being a little kid and watching programs like Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures I have always wanted to explore/photograph abandoned and derelict places. This Is my first proper Urbex adventure and I loved it. The limeworks are situated just south of the little town of Cocking, West Sussex. Seeing as I live in the seaside town of Worthing I thought this would be a perfect start for me.

The Limeworks are relatively easy to get to and is about 1-2 miles aways from where I found a place to park. Theres a bit of fence hoping and trekking through the woods to get to the location. It is quite well secluded and it took some google maps and google earth to find the right spot. But once you find the mill its fairly easy to navigate the grounds. I came across NO SECURITY or guys in jeeps, just me all by myself. When doing my research on the Limeworks some people were saying you can sometimes come across a guy in a jeep but he just tells you to be careful. (Apparently). When I went it was raining quite heavily and got absolutely soaked so just keep a look out and be careful when climbing over fences etc.

I took photos and my GoPro with me on the day, So I hope you enjoy my photos and Video.








To see all the photos and other locations head over to https://www.facebook.com/trphotography14


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Welcome in. it may help you if you go to the New Members section and introduce yourself properly to the forum

Just an initial observation as you"ve just made my eyes bleed with the over-saturated Greens

Unfortunately (for some) we don"t do surreal HDR esque pics on this Forum unlike the other ones that don"t mind these colours not existing in the natutral world!

I"d suggest going back & knocking the saturation sliders way back so it at least looks realistic to normal people & does not get deleted ;)

On a positive note i like the Video, even a nice RB Yaaaa and the Gopro colours are pretty realistic so i don"t know why the pics are oversaturated ? It"s a good job you were having a good hair day ;) & i"m sure you"re face will be in my head when i fall asleep i imagine lol
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Miss Mayhem

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Nice video, but I agree with the above comments about the bright green/intro,
Just sort that out and you will be spot on ;)

Looking foward to some more stuff :thumb


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where's a good FAQ when ya need 'em ... :D

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