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Codnor Castle - Abandoned Dairy Farm


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Hey everyone,

As an intro I'm new here and just started out recording down places I visit as part of my random trips out locally (Notts/Derby based). I normally find places to help with my writing and get pictures along the way so I can refer back to them when I find something worth using in a story. Recently I was out riding and found Codnor Castle remains marked on Google Maps.

Taking a ride out the castle itself was impressive but what caught my attention more was the old dairy farm that was on the land next door and completely abandoned. A very interesting mixture of structures ranging from Victorian main buildings (you can't easily get into the main house) but the barn and outbuildings are in a fairly good state of repair and easily accessible with plenty of bits to explore. I have been back a few times to get pictures and videos for my research and storyboarding but thought I would share them on here.

The more I explored around here the more I wanted to find similar places so have really piqued my interest. I did manage to get lefitimate access to the old Kimberley Brewery a few years ago long before it became a building site and that was amazing, I shall try and find the photos from there but that was some 5 years ago.

Please be gentle when critiquing the pics, I only use my phone to take them (will try and not put ones with the family who came exploring too):

Main House
2018-09-30 13.26.48.jpg

2018-09-30 13.17.46.jpg

2018-09-30 13.18.18.jpg

2018-09-30 13.19.28.jpg
2018-09-30 13.19.39-1.jpg

2018-09-30 13.21.21-1.jpg

2018-09-30 13.29.31-1.jpg

2018-09-30 13.34.59.jpg

2018-09-30 13.37.44.jpg

2018-09-30 13.41.43-1.jpg

2018-09-30 13.43.46.jpg

2018-09-30 13.51.42.jpg

2018-09-30 14.00.10.jpg

2018-09-30 13.15.33-1.jpg

Hope these are relevant, I intend getting out and about a bit more to see what other places I can get to locally. Anything I will try and remember to share.



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I've got some photos of this place from a about a year ago, guess i'll have to man up and actually do a report. I was quite wary of the buildings on the other side near the hay bale storage area

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