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Report - Cold Overton ROC Post, Leicestershire - March 15

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This was very interesting, thanks KM Punk I really like this.
Unfortunately a lot of the contents inside has been removed,
also explored with The Shepshed Diamond Back : )


The Royal Observer Corps (ROC) in 1925 was essential in order to intercept enemy air crafts over
Britain, a key element of the British Air Defence System.

In the 1950's when it changed from being a conventional threat to a nuclear one, the ROC became part of the United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation.

In Leicestershire hidden away there were 19 underground posts such as: Birstall, Billesdon, Bottesford, Buckminster, Coleorton, Cold Overton, Empingham, Fleckney, Harby, Lutterworth, Markfield, Melton Mowbray, Rearsby, Shepshed, Stoke Golding, Thurlaston, Twycross, Uppingham and Wymeswold.

In this was a master post that communicated directly to a group control in either Coventry or Bedford,
and the other posts grouped in clusters of three or four.
In these posts, for 21 days the observers were expected to live in the 15ft by 7ft bunker,
and this was from 1958. The bunker itself was in isolated areas such as the countryside,
and the observers goal was to find and report nuclear impacts to a Group HQ using
monitoring equipment.

The posts were closed in September 1991 at the end of the cold war , the doomsday volunteers
that had been trained were luckily never required.











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could i possably get a couple of locations for the ones in leicester, cant seem to find them and would love to check them out