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Report - Coldmeece RGHQ 9.1 Staffordshire April 2013


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Sorry about the photos i only had an iphone 3 ... After a bit of research i decided to go and look at the RGHQ at coldmeece .....

Right history .....

In 1964 the bunker became the Staffordshire County Control and County Training Centre. In 1967 the County Control was relocated to the basement of the county buildings in Stafford (completed 1969) and after 1968 the bunker was put on care and maintenance although the rest of the site was still owned by the MOD and in use as an army training area.

In the early 1980's the bunker was reactivated as SRHQ 9.1 and in 1988 was refitted as RGHQ 9.1 serving the eastern part of the West Midlands, finally closing in 1992. It was sold back to the army who have been unable to use it on health and safety grounds as it had remained empty and was believed to have toxic gasses including methane. Although there have been a number of open days at the training area the bunker has always remained strictly out of bounds.

No problems getting into the site but it was a very big site i mean BIG but didn't get to see it all as transit van man was driving around [very fast] and seemed to be looking for something or some one ..... Anyway after a long walk we found the RGHQ an open blast door allowed access to the generator room that had 2 Rolls-Royce engines in and big ducting going through the wall and down went back outside took a few more photos that's when we saw white van man so as there was no access to the main RGHQ we thought we should leave [fast] .... this is an active mod training camp we could here lots of people marching and guard dogs barking in the distance all in all the RGHQ seemed to be in good condition shame i couldn't get in.....


As there were no red flags it must be ok ........


getting close









Thanks 4 lookin


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