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Report - Coleg Harlech, Wales - July 2016


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Coleg Harlech was a residential adult education college for mature students, established in 1927 by Thomas Jones. Starting from just 6 students; numbers increased to 30 in the 1930's, then 70 in the 1960's. Coleg Harlech began offering a two-year diploma course validated by the University of Wales, which became a preparation for university education for those who had missed out on earlier education to give them a second chance.

I had spent the day on Harlech beach with @plod and after our original plan became unsuccessful we headed to the train station. On our way there we came across this place which I was surprised we hadn't noticed sooner as it really stands out like a sore thumb, so we went ahead and had a look inside as we had an hour to kill anyway. There wasn't much to see inside but I'm doing this report because I've noticed nobody else has actually gone here. We did get a really good view of the beach from the roof though :D
















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A big "YES" to that building. Brutalism at it's finest. Quite un-modernized on the inside too. Good work...
It really is a bizzare couple of buildings, that and the theatre at the other end of the original bulidings. The fact this and the hotel next door sit derelict with THAT view is quite remarkable. The whole thing needs a revamp asap as Harlech is such a beautiful place.


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the tower blocks ugly but the views are epic. :thumb
Brutalism is on the whole mis-understood IMO. It also doesn't get treated with any respect whatsoever. You wouldn't put UPVC windows into a tudor building., and in the same vein you should consider the design and lines of the building when modifying or restoring an example of brutalism

For example let's look at Coventry's post war precinct. All designed to be perfectly symmetrical, leaving a sliver of clear space which is filled by the cathedral spire if one is to stand at the bottom looking up


Now fast forward thirty years and Coventry City Council in their wisdom have decided too build a horrific 80's escalator smack bang in the middle of the spire view, as well as planting trees instead of the original roses (less maintenance) and building "that tent thing" in the way of the spire (fortunately since removed). The design of the whole thing is now rendered useless, and in turn the poor planning of a couple of individuals ruins the whole feel of the development.


Brutalism works if it is looked after. If it is neglected, and raped of it';s quality materials and clean lines it becomes ugly. Well that's my humble opinion anyway.