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Report - Coles Quarry, Backwell - April 2015


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Afternoon all. Got a nice report for you to read on a huge quarry which is local to me.

Access is surprisingly easy and the site itself is wonderful. There is quite a bit of grafitti and signs of a rave in the past but for the most part the place is well kept together.

History -
Coles Quarry was opened in the mid 1800s and used to supply limestone and concrete to the construction trade.
There are a total of 2 quarries on the site and one processing plant.
The site was closed due to proximity to residential sites and with access to a newer site only a 5 minute drive away little need to continue at this location. Safety was also called into question when there was a large rockfall in 1992 due to soft clay underneath a limestone layer.

Picture time -
DSC08354 (Copy).jpg

The first building we encountered was boarded up and sealed tight.
DSC08360 (Copy).jpg

Access to the main processing facility. All tagged up.
DSC08365 (Copy).jpg

DSC08367 (Copy).jpg

Nature starting to reclaim the plant.
DSC08379 (Copy).jpg

DSC08386 (Copy).jpg

DSC08391 (Copy).jpg

DSC08407 (Copy).jpg

DSC08408 (Copy).jpg

I love the colours of these vats(?) the paint seems to have stood up to the test of time too.
DSC08422 (Copy).jpg

DSC08460 (Copy).jpg

The main quarry from the front, other reports show this full of water!
DSC08470-Edit (Copy).jpg

Stood right in the bottom of the quarry, from here you get a real idea of the scale of this place.
DSC08502 (Copy).jpg

Looking out over Backwell. Notice the tyre tracks, no idea how people got quads in there though!
DSC08520 (Copy).jpg

This is the secondary quarry, it is all overgrown now and looks like not many people have visited it recently. There was lots of wildlife in the bottom.
DSC08535-Edit (Copy).jpg

DSC08558 (Copy).jpg

This is the top of the plant. Would have loved to climb this but it seemed quite rickety so decided to come back another day with some climbing gear.

Hope you all enjoyed the report. Feedback is most welcome :-)

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