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Report - Collegiate Tunnels AkA 'The Muffin Hole', Sheffield - August 2010.


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Collegiate Tunnels AkA 'The Muffin Hole' - Visited By Ojay & Aem.

After a couple of photos wound there way over to me from Kitty & Woodburner a couple of weeks ago, I was intrigued by what lay below...

Props to kitty for this, and sadly I missed out on the earlier meet, worse still I missed out AGAIN on Kitty's underground bakery products :(

Anyway as I was visiting Sheffield earlier in the evening with Woodburner & Aem as Megatron was still on the to-do list, and after finally heading out I decided it would be rude not to check this place out. Sadly Woodburner headed home and Kitty was too busy baking cakes, so off me and Aem went, in search of manholes.

Cannot find any history on this place sadly, but by assumption I would agree with the others and say it was some kind of underground shelter used during the war.

Quickly lifting liddage we were soon in and down a flight of steps to the system of tunnels below


Through this door were a number of tunnels, where it was evident benches were once mounted to the walls



Along the way there were 2 air shafts, I didn't take any shots as an absence of daylight made it pointless

After winding around to the other side was this racking, I believe 'Man storage' as used by Kitty :rolleyes:


Down the final tunnel and through another door on the left was another set of steps that led the way back out


Once again, thanks to Kitty & Woodburner for sharing this one, not a bad little mooch :thumb

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