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Report - Colliers Wood Tower , South London , February 2014


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Visited with The Raw quite recently. The strong winds had sorted the fence panels into a more manageable state so we took the opportunity. The ground floor contained some building materials. The other floors on the way up were basically stripped bare. We headed for the roof and got shots of the excellent view where, after a few minutes, two other Urbexers appeared (genuine coincidence). Eventually we heard sirens, with one of us saying “got some over here” and another saying “yeaaaah some this side too”. Somebody down below saw the activity on the roof and called the Police reporting a suicide attempt. The building was surrounded by a few vehicles (inc a van) and a dozen Police. We decided best to head straight down for the telling off, before being asked to leave without any further hassle.

History of the place (mostly from The Raw’s report):

From the start this 60s building had problems. The first attempt at construction was found to contain serious errors, so the three storeys already built were demolished and the project started again from scratch. It won the title ugliest building in London in a 2006 BBC poll, and it also made the top 12 in Channel 4′s UK-wide Demolition programme in 2005. By 2009, the building was in such a parlous state that the ground and first floor windows and doors were boarded up, and green netting draped across the sides to prevent falling debris injuring passers by. Plans are going ahead to convert it into flats with shops on the ground floor. This is set to go ahead in April 2014 with completion around mid 2015.









Flickr set here Colliers Wood Tower - a set on Flickr

Thanks for reading :)

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