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Lead or Rumour info - Colt factory and offices, Havant, Hampshire


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Colt is a manufacturer of HVAC systems, smoke control, stuff like that. They’ve left their site in New Lane, Havant Hampshire.

Quite a large site, mix of offices and manufacturing. Might be worth a look.


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Had my eye on it for ages. Very tall but not much in the way of perimeter which isn’t very helpful


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I have scoped this out, Secco are on guard 24 hours a day with s small hut on the main road side, after getting the drone up in the air for an aerial view it looks like its pretty hard to get it, never say never though...


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I live just over the bridge from this place and when I drove past today I noticed scaffolding and rubble in what was the car park. It looks like builders are in so whatever was left must be totally stripped out by now.