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Report - Colthrop paper mill, Thatcham (various visits attempt no.2)


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Here is my second attempt at this report as last time I couldn't work out how to change the picture size but now I think I have :D

Anyway this place was my first ever explore and i have been back a few times since it is very local to me. here is some history that I found online form various different websites.

There has probably been a mill at Colthrop since the time of the Domesday Survey in 1086, but references to it are few and far between until more recent times. The earliest records of Colthrop Mill are held today at Winchester College, which owned the 'manor' (estate) of Colthrop in the fifteenth century.

In 1956 the Reed Paper Group Limited took over the whole Colthrop site. Paper sack manufacture had been started at Colthrop in 1927 in 1930 this operation had been transferred to Aylesford and sold to Albert.E.Reed and Company in 1932. Then in 1950 the Reed Company took a financial interest in the Colthrop site, subsequently taking over completely. In May 1955, work was started on a new building, (the North Board Mill), and completed in May, 1958, at a cost of £5 million; a third board machine was then inita1 led in it. The two paper-making machines were later shut down, one in 1966 and the other in 1971, so that paper-making effectively ceased at Colthrop from the latter date."

The report I read was from 1983 and I believe the mill closed around then/perhaps before, we do know it has been sat a very long time, at least since my family has been there and they moved in in 1984.

Now on with the pictures :D










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