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Comedy Security Measures


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Seen plenty over the years but this one yesterday made us chuckle. Window wedged shut with giant bog roll! It worked too, spent ages trying to wiggle it open from the outside before we realised there was another way!


What you seen? Ive got a few more i can post later.


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Haven't got any pictures as such, but we set of a rather loud alarm in a building that was completely sealed from the outside (as far as security knew anyway) and after the alarm timed out we could hear them getting quite frustrated at the fact that they had locked themselves out the building. Lots of swearing, banging and frustrated grunts were heard before police turned up. We were inside listening to the whole thing. In the end the police gave up doing whatever they were doing before going home and the security bloke presumably went back to sleep, we got out and off over the fence where we had a good laugh about what had just happened.

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