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communication bunker wilton


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This is my first report and I wanted to report on something that I havnt seen on here. A mate showed me this place a couple years ago but a steel grill had been concreted in over the entrance my mate said it wasnt there before and that inside a small tunnel opens out to a room with cubicles where phones would have been on the wall so I guess it some kind of communication bunker but what for what is it linked to? I parked up and walked to the path into the woods Along the road theres manhole covers which is odd given the location of them not sure if there any thing to do with the bunker or not.



I walked into the woods knowing roughly where too go. Alot of felling had gone on and it made navigation difficult 20 mins later everything was looking the same and I knew I was in the wrong area so I walked back to where I started and tried again 10 mins later I nearly tripped over what I was looking for :D.



The entrance about 20 feet away.



Mind the hole!

Hope you all like my report anyone know anything about this? PM me for me more details.


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The Wombat

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well done for getting out there mate, shame its not accessible.
Just some suggestions, incase someone else doesnt mention it.
You may like to put a space in between each photo to seperate them, and a firmer location, and month / year will be needed for the title.


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Weeeelll, tbh mate if it's a comms bunker then, well, wonders will never...

Anwyay, moved to leads so mabe someone can shed some light.

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Well there's something going on there. Not sure the manholes are relevant though. Send me a map please, also, we'll take a look next week, see if we can work it out.


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28DL Full Member
Is this Wilton near Redcar? I ask because if it is there are two Auxiliary Unit Operational Base's in the woods south of Redcar it could be them.

Oxygen Thief

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Well, we got in this tonight, it's exactly as described. WW2 communications bunker for sure, with capped access and emergency exit tunnel. Going back for decent pictures 'sometime soon'.

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if u lift them man holes up they are fibre optic cables that lead about 3 miles away to a mast very old cable, also the ground feels very weak around that bunker don't u think? theres weak holes everywere lol

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Did wonder about the manhole covers, they're marked up as BT though. The bunker is built into solid chalk, I think it's loose due to the infill between the bunker walls and the chalk, and also the covering. It's well crumbly.

By the way, I subsequently found out this is a zero station.

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