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28DL and UE in the News Complex tempts urban explorers

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haha i wasnt talking about you! i was talking about who ever wrote that article :D

but come to think of it that would be a compliment! theres so many things wrong with what theyve wrote :rolleyes:


"The complex's many laboratories and office blocks are proving a tempting target for the urban explorers, enthusiasts who break in to disused premises such as factories and hospitals as a challenge, to search them, and take pictures and film footage"

Well what do you expect them to say? Most property owners see trespassers in black & white and see no difference between Vandals, Chaves, Pikies or Urban Explorers.. Which is why the fringe who do 'break in' give us all a bad name, and come on, how many of us benefit from that earlier 'break in' to gain access??

The world owes us no favours. Take it as a compliment that they know we mean no harm.
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