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Report - Compounded, Manchester - July 2013.


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Compounded, Manchester


Bit of an oddity this one and given the weather it was kind of stupid to head upstream and have a look especially in barely a 4ft pipe full of fast flowing :turd, which was increasing the entire time we were in there :eek:

Originally the overflow served a 1m brick sewer and much older storm overflow further upstream

During upgrades over the last few years an in-line screening chamber has been added a bit further downstream to filter out any solids and return them back to the sewer in the form of a U-turn looking at the plans

The upper brick section of the original overflow is now used to divert the sewer down through the newer screened storm overflow

Now fair enough we had some freak weather in Manc earlier in the day and the rainfall was fairly severe, in fact the river itself was fairly swollen with some crazy ass flow compared to what it has been like recently

I was fairly confident it was good to go, so myself and nickindroy set about a closer look

At the point I jumped sewer side for some snaps the levels somehow started to rise further, I kept a close eye but a few inches in a matter of minutes led to a hasty retreat

Once back down near the outfall the river had swollen sufficiently for the overflow now to be filling a couple of metres in which was previously dry so a good call really

I seriously had to psych myself up for returning the following day, as the almost crawl, followed by ridiculous stoop was most certainly not something to look forward to!

Luckily the levels had subsided somewhat and I managed to have a look a bit further upstream of the sewer also, however too confined to grab a pic

3ft brick overflow
(pic taken on a return trip, after the levels had subsided)


Once in, a straight 13m crawl up barely a 3ft brick pipe with some skanky river water and remnants of the days earlier discharge

A glimmer of light from what turned out to be a manhole chamber, which afforded us a well deserved back stretch


Notice the 'plastic' ladders and the locked hatch, sadly due to a recent spate of metal theft in Manc, this is becoming a more familiar sight

After a short respite we decided to plod on, the brick turned to a 4ft RCP beyond the inspection chamber, which made for an uncomfortable stoop as it takes a couple of quick turns up to the overflow chamber

Yeah Yeah I made use of lighting bitch nick as he took his shots :p:



The final bend as the 30m overflow reaches the upstream limit


Enter the screened storm overflow







Ahead of the weir, the incoming sewer enters via a 4ft RCP


On the return visit I made my way u/s only to be greeted with a 3ft brick continuation at a right angle beyond the catch chain (No Thanks!)


Looking downstream the sewer passes underneath the shit scraper via a 2ft wide concrete channel, before exiting a 1ft pipe as it returns back



Thanks for looking :thumb

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