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Report - Compounded, Manchester - July 2013


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Compounded - Manchester

Visted with/shown by Ojay :thumb

Now, I won't pretend that I know an awful lot about Manchester's Drainage system, but I'm learning. I'm fairly sure it's not a great idea to visit a storm overflow after or during heavy rainfall, with the destination river going the wrong way up the outfall? I was with the right person with the right gear who knows about these things, so in we went, with trepidation in case it rained again. We crawled 13m or so through the 3ft brick pipe, after that, a back rest in a manhole chamber. Continuing on through th 4ft RCP for maybe 15-20m, we entered the 'business' end. it was quite noisy in here when we entered, so we both kept an eye on the levels, height and loudness, while the other got some shots. I thought I heard thunder, whilst down there, but this turned out to be trains going over a nearby bridge. After about 10 minutes, as Ojay jumped sewer side for a few pics, he noticed the flow creeping up fast and made the executive decision that we should do one, rapidly. As we were getting back out, the river was now well inside the brickwork, so it was a pretty good call. Popped back the next day and things were a lot calmer, river had dropped etc, finished it off.

If it's a proper, detailed description and decent pictures you're after, look at Ojay's report on this. Maybe I got a different take on it, overall, here and there, I don't know.








So that's how he does it!

I should be keeping an eye on the levels.



Yes, I've been arsing around with blue light again, thanks for looking, Nick. :thumb

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