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Report - Compton ROC post West Sussex - June 2014


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A sunny afternoon walk across some of the lower bits of the South Downs.
Well placed in an elevated position with 360 degree views.
Opened in 1965 and closed in 1968
Open and with some features intact. Two bunk beds, one in pieces the wall mounted desks and the cabinet remain.
Some paperwork and the 12v lighting complete with battery are on site. On the cabinet are some tins of rations, strangely these tins are green in colour but unlabelled. A couple of the army type square billy's and a tin mug are there but these may be later additions.
The pump has lost its handle and a chemical toilet is in place.
Unfortunately there has been a small fire in the cabinet resulting in sooty walls and some of the paperwork has suffered because of this.
I read somewhere that someone had taken the time to partially restore this post and its a shame that it has been vandalised.
On the surface the hatch was weighed down with a couple of bricks, the air vent was protected by killer stinging nettles so remains un photographed.


Surface View.


Down the hatch


Modern gas heater, not sure how safe in a confined space. On the bunk is a modern sleeping bag, scattered on the floor are some old newspapers & a broken portable tv arial. I think someone may have lived in here for a while.


Gaskets for the vent pipe. I'm not sure why they need gaskets though?


Condensation slowly cleaning of the soot from the fire.


The tins of rations? I assume, Rag doll came exploring with me today and enjoyed it very much.
The paperwork on the wall relates to estimating the size and location of nuclear explosions and monitoring the weather to assess
potential fallout locations.


Instruction for using rations,


Part of the 12v lighting.
An interesting site taken in during a great walk on the Downs.​
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Re: Compton ROC post West Sussex. June 2014

pity some cunt decided to set fire to it

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