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Confirmation screen when posting reports


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There seems to be a recurring issue with people post threads and not attaching their photos.

Would it be possible to add a confirm screen with an option to attach uploaded photos which haven't been added to the post?

Lord Oort

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It would depend on the forum software.

As it is, its not rocket science. Click to upload and then click to add to your report.

It only takes 2 seconds to correct the issue yet people seem to be blind to the edit button...


grumpy sod
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I normally link mine from Flickr but there's been a few times I've uploaded directly and a couple of those times even I've forgotten to click the insert all images button - I think the problem is that for someone like me who uses a few different forums (not only exploring ones) all the others insert the images automatically when you press the submit/reply button, and on here it doesn't it relies on the user to remember to do it - something could be done to make the button more obvious, or something like that, to try and make it less of a common issue.
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