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Report - Connaught Rail Tunnel, Silvertown


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Built in 1878 for 2 line service, but following numerous industries shutting down in the area around Victoria dock throughout the 1970's and 1980's the service began to reduce, the silvertown station looks to have been overhauled late 90's or early 00's, despite this the service shut completely in december 2006 with the DLR taking passengers to an all new station just a few hundred metres away.

Explored solo back in january, got a few dodgy looks pulling up on the street I decided to park on (because I wasn't driving clapped out 90's merc with a fake plastic gold tissue box on the parcel shelf :crazy).

This is a total film report, the digi shots were lit just the same, but I prefer the film shots colour tones, so here you go...


Silvertown Station, probably the most modern abandoned station I've come across before. The big industry on the right is Tate & Lyle on the northern bank of the river Thames.


Walking down into the tunnel. This twin train tunnel actually goes underneath Victoria & Albert Dock in Londons east end.


"I love tunnels!" - the brickwork ain't nowhere near as fine as some of bazeljettes brick lined & ribbed pleasure hole numbers, but someone sure liked it! The lights in the distance aren't internal lights, there just escaped bursts from the flashgun, exposure was a minute or so.


TWINS! - Someone told me the reason this most central part of the tunnel is smaller, twined & lined with cast iron is because larger ships using the Albert dock (directly above) where scrapping the top of the tunnel with their keals!


MEGA Exposure 5000! - 10minutes! well over a hundred whaps of flash, maybe 200, iso160 film + f11 + 19mm + 10mins. SUch a vast vast space, but more importantly the walls coated in crap from over a hundred years use by trains complelty absorbed light, if this was a shiney red bricked number the exposure would have been more like 2-3minutes! (go on my flickr if you want to know exactly how it was lit).


Standards - Standards of what I don't know, I just liked the name! This is inside one of the portals where the tunnel reduces from its largest size (previous photo) into the cast iron lined part, again coated in black soot so absorbs light like nothing else.


Making my exit the same way I came in. THe other side of the tunnel leads out onto the very live docklands light railway (DLR) and there was a hefty team of workers just a few metres up the incline so thought it best not to approach them whilst standing with rail tracks between my feet!

I didn't keep any digi shots as they weren't that interesting, very flat looking, and theres not many as the tunnel itself isn't very long, maybe 600m or so (thats actually a tunnel, the rest is just casson/ditch). Glad I did it though, another london explore ticked off the list.
As usual high res examples on my flickR & more of a similar theme.