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Report - Connaught Railway Tunnel, London, Feb 2010

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Visited with Za Gringo more than a month ago. I've been wondering whether to post a report or not as there's lots of them already and it's hard to take original photos in that place. But hey, I had a really good time exploring this site, so why not share it. The tunnel is beautifully derelict complete with rusty rails, damp patches on the walls, light seeping in through the airshafts and stream of water springing from some burst pipe.

All text in quotation marks taken from www.abandonedstations.org.uk .

"When the Victoria Dock was built, a swing bridge was put in at its entrance. However it was thought that the opening and closing of the bridge would interfere with the train services so a new route for the line was built to the north of the dock. The route of the line was interruped again when the adjacent Albert Dock was opened; a new cut & cover tunnel was built underneath its entrance."

Derelict North Woolwich line before it descends into tunnel.





Tunnel itself


At some point it splits into two separate lines


"The centre section of the tunnel is iron ringed (...) The iron ringed section is that which passes directly beneath the Royal Albert dock and is the section that was rebuilt/lowered after it was discovered that the bottom of passing boats were scraping the top of the tunnel!"


Some stains and what-not on the walls




After a while both tunnels join together again.


The exit looks very similar to the approach (picture 2) with all those mini-bridges above, and the tracks go on but we didn't follow them, so i don't know where they lead :confused

Thanks for looking