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Report - Constrictor, Bury - January '16


My name is Jeff
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CJ and I took an afternoon trip into the slightly nicer areas of Bury, to check out a culvert which I had wanted to see for years. Thinking it was just a trip under the main road, we entered the Holcombe Brook and proceeded to travel into the darkness. The outfall appeared after a couple of small corners, yet there was another culvert in the distance, and we continued upstream to find ourselves faced with a waterfall. We snapped a few pics, and then proceeded to find the infall for the second culvert we found - This is where the name was chosen. After squeezing everything (including CJ!) through the grille, we walked downstream, only to find that the ceiling level got lower... and lower. The sound of the waterfall grew closer, and we hoped to make it to the top, however we were gradually gathering spiders on our bags, and the pain of stooping got too much, we turned back. All in all a good trip out and great to get back to draining as and when the weather feels like allowing us.











My name is Jeff
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That looks really decent mate and nicely photographed !
Cheers man, definitely worth checking out

It was a decent rip exploring that little lot, I'm jealous of the guy of has a culvert like this in his back garden, the little ladder down was quality.
Another one ticked off the ever-growing list... And I bet he has no interest in exploring it!


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Some steller brick work in that one huh? Amazing what you can find when you least expect it, who'd a thunk it had a part 2?

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