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Report - Container / Fuel Port - Feb, 2011


Germany is the "wurst"
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Another repost with broken Flickr links in the original.

This is a port on the Rhine river, near the German border. It's one of the major fuel transshipment points for Switzerland, as well as handling bulk cargo; the place is located right next to one of the country's biggest concentration of chemicals industries. One of which blew up spectacularly in the 1980s, natch. Boom. I think that's what the smell was.

I went alone, which I don't like, but this was sort of a Plan C after failing miserably to find a fun place that was reasonably en route to where I was going (Plan A, an abandoned chateau, turned out to not be so abandoned after all.)

It was utterly stupidly pitch black outside, and what seemed like an aggravated herd of night watchmen had the run of the place - go figure, on a Friday night, no less.

A Dalek refueling wagon:


If this were an FPS, you'd launch a grenade at this just to see what's inside:


Sektor 313 is 800px wide, maximum:


Got a match?


This was on about 90% of the wagons:


Sorry for all the signs, but German is such a melodious language, schatzilein:


The view from above, sort of:


There were some dudes making an epic ruckus on the other side of this:


There were also several awesome-looking port cranes, at least a few of which had open-looking access ladders, but I'm not going to post pics of them because it depresses me too much that I didn't make it up, either because I was hiding from the security guys or because I just noticed it as I was leaving. Next time.

Full story at kosmograd dot net.