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Report - Cookridge Hospital, Leeds (August 2017)


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28DL Member
Cookridge Hospital was my first urban explore and I love it!

The atmosphere around the building is very strange, as I imagine it would be in any abandoned hospital, but it was so interesting to look inside.
The building has been abandoned for quite a long time now and therefore has a significant amount of damage, but it was still a good explore and you can still make out what certain rooms were used for. Cookridge Hospital was one one of the leading cancer hospitals but was shut down due to being too small. It also provided key support during both world wars.


Josh Jordan

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28DL Member
I went to this place the other day but there literally only the main structure now as before u had to find a way in now every entrance has been blown off so u can literally just walk in they only have papers to keep the front standing on Ida one so all the back side is getting demolished as the wall are all being knocked down and there is rubble every where however Ida 2 is still alive so u can still walk in there.