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Report - Cookridge Hospital, Leeds (May 2016)


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I live a relatively short distance from this so I had to take the opportunity to visit this beautiful building before it becomes even more derelict! Went with 2 non members and had a good wander around early one morning. Shame there wasn't more equipment to shoot but still an enjoyable explore.

History (extracts from wikipedia and another site)

The main building and the lodge, designed by Norman Shaw in 1868, are Grade II listed building, as is the lodge.

The hospital opened in 1869 to provide a place for patients treated at Leeds General Infirmary to continue their recovery. John Metcalfe Smith of Beckett’s Bank donated a large sum towards the £10,000 cost and the remote rural area of Cookridge was chosen as an ideal location for recuperation. During the First World War it was requisitioned to care for wounded servicemen and assumed a similar role during World War Two. From 1952 Cookridge specialised in the treatment of cancer but closed in January 2008 to be replaced by a new £220 million cancer centre at the Bexley Wing of St. James’s Hospital.


The first corridor

No idea what this could be!

Love in an elevator




Memories from the staff before the move to St James

The canteen



One of the wards



The building next door, I think this is the IDA ward

Outside shot


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Cheers. It's a listed building so I wonder if they have to wait until it's practically falling down on it's own, but that's just a guess, not sure the rules on listed buildings. It's a real shame really because I think it's a really nice looking building, must be weird for the new housing estate there, several of the houses look directly at it, spooky!


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Great report pal......pic 2 is where they would make large quantities of porridge.....:p:thumb


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Ah cheers man! As for pic 2, well there were 2 of these machines in there, so they must have really bloody loved porridge, or maybe it's for gravy and yorkshire pudding mix...that seems more likely


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Thanks for the comments everyone, much appreciated! I always want to get in to the main building since I found out about it, I live quite close to this @ZerO81 so I check it out every now and again and luckily it wasn't as locked down as it has been. I remember seeing on another report being described as tighter than a nun's chuff....well this time it was like a wizard's sleeve


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Looking good, I haven't seen pictures from anything but IDA for a while so good work!


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Looks great I'll have to check this out sometime been meaning to get myself up to Leeds for ages now


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Wow love your photos looks like a trip to high royds and here are on the cards
Thanks a lot, I look forward to seeing what shots you get

That was rather interesting! You got some good shots in there.
Cheers thanks a lot, really appreciated. You should make your signature a link, it took me too many seconds to search for your channel, gimme a clickable link man!