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Question - Coolest area in London?


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Alright so moving to London soon, (just gotta be within 40-50 minutes to Westminster by tube) and basically wanna look to rent in any area where just walking out of my door there would be fun stuff just staring me. I like the more rundown and derelict sort of buildings when they got a bit of grime and wear and tear and that. Just places with their own unique atmosphere that I can soak in by walking through the streets, and off-road paths, and that I can also explore more in length as I find specific places recommended in the threads here.

Went through a few of the posts, trying to map them out to see in which areas of London they are more condensed, but it's just hard to get a feel without actually having been. Would greatly appreciate if you could help me out by recommending your favourite areas based on what I said. Again, not asking for specific spots, just general neighborhoods or streets where there's a lot to look at around, without having to travel on the tube.
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