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Report - Copford Place, Colchester, June 2016


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As i stare bored out of the window of the works transit, as my colleague rambles on about his motor home (seriously ted no ones cares) i catch shot of some plastic sheeting on top of a huge roof, Hmmmm, i didnt even know there was anything behind that tree line.

A quick google reveled very little, only a listed building page and another report on derelict places from 2011, so this history is gathered from the 2.


Copford Place is located on the B1408 opposite the Swan inn. It was built in the around the late 16th century, Chimney is dated 1698 being the earliest reference found. Converted in 1947 to accommodation for the elderly it saw a take over in 1980 by 'help the aged', and in 1998 was turned into self contained flats, i couldn't find a closure date, but from what i can guess from the other report it was probably around 2007-2010. The building is grade 2 listed as is the barn which i didn't actually take any photo's of, i can tell you its in a very sorry state.

The Explore

Entry was rather funny to be honest. Lets say it was a little tight, i squeezed through with difficulty, only when through did i turn around to be confronted with the not so amused friend, suddenly benching more then everyone in the gym seemed like a disadvantage :D 1-0 me. After a push, a pull and several "fuck sake's" we are in.

The interior is a strange one, the pictures on a previous report it looks fairly untouched with plenty of period features left. However since then all the walls have been taken through exposing frames on most of the floors. The building has 2 main floors and an attic. With the amount of small up and down stair cases around its fairly easy to get slightly lost first time round. The whole building is now a shell, and from the state of it i imagine it was going to be renovated but for one reason or another it only ever got started. the last check in on a fire alarm test sheet on the wall is dated 2014. However there are some interesting features left such as the chimney and spiral stair case. All in all if your passing drop in, but don't expect to much.

On to the pictures

It was rather dark so pics haven't come out that nice to be honest








Thanks for reading


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