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Report - Copsewood Grange, Coventry - Sept 2010


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This place hasn't been reported on this site before as far as im aware so i hope i can do it justice.

While having a small trip to Coventry to see friends i had a small detour to Copsewood, I wasn't expecting much from the place but it really surpised me with how much it had to offer.
Last mouth i explored 24 places but Copsewood was my first for September and i have to say its going to take quite alot to top it this month.

Luckily for me there is a good amount of history available for Copsewood Grange so it was easy to come up with this.

The Orriginal Copsewood House was owned in 1854 by Mr A.B.Herbert, Mayor of Coventry in 1838. He was followed by Charles Dresser a silk Merchant who was also a Mayor of Coventry in 1857, Charles died in the house in 1862.
On 8th Sept 1870 the House was sold by an auction at the Kings Hotel to John Hart a Ribbon Manufacturer who demolished the orriginal building and had the pressent Copsewood Grange erected on the site, Hart had a number of ribbon factories but as the ribbon trade declined he sold the Grange.
In 1879 Sir Richard Moon (1814 - 1899) Chairman to the London and North Western Railway brought the Grange from the declining Hart, Richard Moon was living there when he was created a Baronet and at that time the Copsewood estate covered more than 200 acres.
After Moon a Mrs Mellowdew and her daughters lived at the grange, The Mellowdew Road in Coventry was named after her.
Then in 1920 GEC brought the Grange for the use of a hotel and social club for its first employees when it moved manufacture telephone equipment from Salford, it was the senior employees that initiated the construction of the nine hole golf course.
In 1968 deep excavations were dug across the course for a new sewage system which was used in the 'Italian Job' which starred Michael Caine.
I managed to find a picture

In the 1980s Allard Way was built through the middle of the golf course as the fortunes of GEC fluctuated, before that point the club was recognised as been one of the best staff clubs around. At that point the clubs name also changed from GEC to GPT and finally ending with Marconi.
By 2006 the club had declined further and became a private members club and was once again just named Copsewood Grange.

Im unsure exactly then the Grange was abandoned but sometime after it was arsonists broke in on the 18 May 2010 and managed to burn a room on the second floor along with the interior of the out builds. Despite this the place still has lots of interest.

I stuggled to cut my picture count down but i finally picked these ones to share, i did leave out a large amount of the snooker hall along with all the Kitchens, Hotel level, Sports showers and washrooms and the out buildings, all i'll say is they also have lots to offer but i can't fit them all in.




4. Grice Louge (thats what the label said anyway)

5. on wall behind the bar that was hiding in the dark

6. Snooker Hall Pics


8. Behind Bar in Blue room


10. View out into Blue room


12. Out of ground floor bars


14. Top floor Hall and sky view window


16. Down in the Cellar Lounge



This was a surprisingly good place to explore, i wasn't expecting it but i couldn't find the golf courses anymore, to unkept, and i wonder what happened to the tunnel which went underneath the courses.
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I used to go here years ago when I was a kid. About 20 years ago. It was such a great place to go. There used to be a disco every Sunday that my Mum and Dad took me to. Then we would all play in the big garden at the back. Alot of good memories of that place. Im sure one night, someone set fire to one of the toilets in the club and thats when we stopped going. Cant remember ever going back.
Im sure the building was knocked down in January 2016 and theres a load of new houses in place. The gates are still at the front and the small house next to the gate is being completely done out.

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