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Report - Corah fabrics factory, Leicester April 2013


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Hi all,

My first report so expect it to be a c*** exploration!

Today I visited the former Corah factory in Leicester, This factory was absolutely massive, however not much of it still stands, lots of it has been part demolished and there are some areas where a door has been nailed shut etc (However some are just one solitary screw and If I had a kick like Jackie Chan I could have got it lol). This Factory played an important role in the history of Leicester's industry and has also been recently in the news about 8 months ago when part of it caught fire, which was by arson, in one of the remaining multistory parts of the building.

Interestingly, in one of the old Shopfloor areas where the roof has been demolished, there is a car park for about 100 odd cars, I think someone is making a few quid every morning out of that but still, people come in and out park up or go home and they don't bother you, so it's a pretty cool site.

I didn't get to go inside lots of areas as some of them were very dark (even on a bright sunny day) and I hadn't got a torch with me or my heavy duty boots on... There is also access to a large cellar However, this is flooded by a good 3 inches at the bottom of the access stairs and alas, it is pitch black down there, so I dare not venture into that part at this time.

Hope you enjoy the photos though, these are raw unedited images, if I do some edits I shall upload them.

There is a lot to explore there BUT it does require a torch and possibly a hard hat as well, however I do want to go back there sometime soon But I would like to go with some other explorers in order to take the full benefit of the building, so If you fancy going, please let me know :)












this is the transformer room, the electrics are fully dead in this factory now and the transformer has been stripped of all the valuable wiring as there is a c*** ton of other wires on the floor and open casings etc...


interestingly, this is one of the many shopfloors which are now roofless where you are basically walking on these epic oldschool tiles







this shot is a bit 'old hat' (teehee)

these are those weird narrow gauge tracks which are still embedded into the road, if you look at the first photo you can still see where the tracks continue under a newer building... I have no clue what these were for, only thing I can think of was small wagons for transporting stuff between workshops and loading bays?? the track gauge is about 3feet

this set of tracks are just visable in the previous shot but the door leads to a stairs.

seems that some whiteboards still exist too...

If anyone has a clue what a bottle of Perk is please tell me... I didn't want to open this and find out! LOL interestingly, more of these bottles were lying around broken or empty

This is the sadder side to derelict places.... Some knob jockey has somehow managed to get these plastic crates full of asphalt or thick oil into the old factory and dump them there, leaving them to empty into this drain. That drain will lead to a canal or river at some point... that's going to do some bad damage....


the other dudes in this pic were just some schoolkids who spotted me and joined in looking around. they left after a few minutes but they asked me if I knew anything about the factory. This floppy disk shows its age. I wish I had a way of testing it!

And as that cartoon pig says... hyguck! That's all folks!


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