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Report - Corah, Leicester, Apr14

The Wombat

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Corah was my ‘I’ve never seen Star Wars’ Leicester site. It was always on the back burner on the things to do list, and a something else often came up. Its about time I did this, and a good opportunity arose to explore, with Lost Explorer, King Mongoose, and his next in line.
It’s a huge site, and was described to me as ‘the gift that keeps on giving’, and I must admit no two reports on this place are the same. Its seen better days, but still an enjoyable afternoon.
On the roof, bumped into fellow explorer, Zombie; nice to meet you mate. Got a nice group shot around the roof sign.

Kept a look out, but never saw the previously mentioned weed farm :rolleyes:

History, courtesy of The lone Shadow
N. Corah and Sons was a manufacturer of hosiery and textiles founded somewhere in the region of 1825, located in Leicester in the United Kingdom. At one time it was the largest knitwear producer in Europe, and its products had a major influence on the development and prosperity of the Marks and Spencerchain of retail stores.
The company was founded by Nathaniel Corah at the Globe Inn, Silver Street, in Leicester – a building which still survives, and which at that time was closely associated with the city's stockinger. Corah's business model was to buy completed stockings in Leicester, and to sell them elsewhere at a profit.
The firm was the first company to develop a relationship with Mark’s and Spencer, a well-known British retailer. The latter's St Michaels brand, which it used from 1928 until 2000, was inspired by Corah's use of "St Margaret" as a label for its clothing
Corah maintained a design room until at least the 1960s, which enabled it to present customers such as Marks & Spencer with designs for finished products such as dresses. It even sent clothes to Marks & Spencer already arranged by size so that they could go straight into the store. In the 1970s, the company's trade with Marks & Spencer was worth £20 million per annum – and Corah celebrated the "golden anniversary" of the relationship in 1976.
However, the downfall of the textiles trade had started in the 1960’s with higher demand in fashion and more expensive materials in a tighter, more low cost market.
By the 1980’s and 1990’s Corah was fastly declining. The factory doors were finally closed for the last time during the late 1990’s.

Sooo, Starting with a nice roof shot:






what a mess




the former Karatee room:

And yes..... Off course I've seen Star Wars :)


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28DL Full Member
Nice little mooch there!

Little aside on this place, I grew up in the village of Barton-in-the-Beans in leicestershire, and Nathaniel Corah is buried in the churchyard there, along with Thomas Deacon the famous clockmaker, and as a further twist, my name is also Nathaniel!


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28DL Full Member
binky was doing the same thing in as in pic 4 and scared the crap out of me .pic 9 shows just how effective those fire doors are


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Where is this site? i'm in leicester Atm and would love to get some shots of it. :)
Roughly speaking it is HERE mate.

That is about as close as people are likely to tell you on an open forum my friend, particulary as you have not even as much as an introductory thread to your name - you could be security, a metal thief, an arsonist etc :)

Have a read of the FAQs the ones that we aspecifically asked you to read before joining/posting - they contain a lot of useful info - including stuff on asking for locations :)

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