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Report - Cornish Shipwreck: RMS Mulheim


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The history
On the 22nd of March 2003 the RMS Mulheim cargo ship ran aground in Cornwall England close to Lands End. The crew were all winched to safety and no one was seriously hurt. Most of the cargo was removed but it was not possible to save the ship. It was abandoned and a few months later started to break up.
The reason it ran aground is somewhat bizarre. The chief officer had been sitting on a chair while on watch early in the morning when he tried to get up. He caught his trousers on a lever and fell knocking himself unconscious. When he came round the ship was about to hit the rocks and there was no time to stop it.

The explore
I was staying in Penzance for a few days prior to my time in Newquay and my bus trips to Cligga head mine (reported elsewhere). I caught a bus to a beach near the Minnock Theatre and walked along the coastal path towards Lands End. While tourists did the standard touristy thing at Lands End I walked straight past them to the shipwreck about 1 mile north. Not a huge amount left but definitely worth a look and another fun video.

The video

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