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Report - - Corus rail! workington. 05/06/07 | Industrial Sites |

Report - Corus rail! workington. 05/06/07

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The Human Turbine.
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Did this site with Brickman After a teaser explore last week.

We started from the back and made our way through the many buildings. Initially we did a tunnel leading under much plant. From here we moved onto more cathederal like machines and rooms.

Full lighting as if the whole plant was working. Power still being supplies to Tv monitors and the actual production lines.

We navigated through a a few large buildings, half way we encountered security. Although oblivious to us taking pictures of them having a mid shift chat in the middle of a main building :crazy but funny.

We also climbed some gantry cranes on the outside 'loading lines' and a yard lamp which was heigher than expected.

To top the day of, we were watched by a astounded woman in a car as we were close to exiting the site, i think she rolled by again to see if she wasnt seeing things, haha.

Top explore Brickman! :thumb

In the mercy underground, looked edited with the contrast, but it isnt.



Brickman moving some rails

There is some cool lighting about, almost like longbridge.


Tonight mathew im going to be... Sorry just seemed like one of them moments lol


Back underground

Along the gantry crane

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28DL Full Member
Re: Corus rail! workington. Full report 05/06/07

Just a few for now. The place is HUGE, so huge, you can loose two explorers, three security guards, a car, a woman in a car and a cat!!!


T3H CAT was pretty much the only thing that spotted us, well, till later ;)



Dempsey underneath what I think is the furnace/bloom maker :freak should have done some history before i did this.



I think this is where the newly made rails/blooms would come out of th furness, then go down to the left of shot thru the rolling mill, and onto the cooling racks/rails, then loaded onto wagons, or stockpiled.


its ALL still on, the plant, the cranes, the compressed air lines, the lights everything :eek:



security blokes. We were right close when they burst out into conversation, so we snuck backwards a few paces and watched them for a while, one of my shots has the guy in the hat looking right at me. Although if he did spot us, he didn't do anything about it, we had another 1h30mins with no problems. Almost.

More later, got to get something to eat :D
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28DL Full Member
Re: Corus rail! workington. Full report 05/06/07

oh the cranes work alright ;) even the electromagnets where left on and buzzing. as they are working during the day to get the last of the stock out.

problem with unlocking a crane and moving it is warning alarms go off (audio) to warn ppl in the way/on the runners and below), I know the noise of the compressed air lines running everywhere will mask it, but still, its one thing getting caught, its another moving a frigging big crane and knocking someone over with the end of it :freak turned the heater on in one of them though :D

The rest of the photos, or at least what I could rescue (think my tripod is dead already).


somewhere around Rolling Mill 4 if the info on the website linked in page 2 is worth its salt.


where the nearly finished blooms would end up before been hoisted up onto the cooling rails, where they would be tossed over everyso often until cool


the huge expanse of the cooling area. after the rails had been cooled they would be sent thru a final machine to straighten and de-stress them. Would imagine they'd be checked by a machine for holes/cavities aswell.


a smaller cooling area, maybe for different sized rails, or non std lengths or something, as it has an extra row of rolling machines before the cooling/final area, anyone know any different please post it up :thumb


one of THE most trashed buildings anywhere? its certainly on par with the likes of billingham house :eek:


dempsey taking some loverly wide shots of some nicely rusted barrels of sludge :thumb it took me 6-10 photos to get this whole gantry in (may post later, but will be big)


after climbing one of the larger lighting gantries. bloody thing was swaying around like liqourish :mad:


but its certainly worth it, you get a view over the entire site up there :thumb

WIll be going back again sometime, as theres plenty more to see than what we saw. Security i think are only really protecting the office blocks and computers and drawing rooms I'd imagine, as the rest of kit on site is either bombproof/chavproof or so heavy it just can't be moved.


The Human Turbine.
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Re: Corus rail! workington. Full report 05/06/07

hehe all i will say is, take me with you, i'll disconect the siren and show you how to drive it :P

I have a fetish for high stuff. But a fetish for actually moving cranes on explores, thats in a different league haha

Just some more, while im still awake




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