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Report - Corus Tubes steelworks Arp bunker/shelter Corby Jan 2010


1 of them cnuts off 28dsl
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built in the 1940s we have a ww2 bunker which then became a cival defence shelter,Then from the items in there looks like it has been used to xray metal seams/welds ? but just a guess
went with tom thanks for the info/invite and doing your research and making it a good night and thanks to reef for replying to my email with loads of info shame it was after we got home but much apreciated
If im wrong above please feel free to correct me as alot of this info is from various sources

Really sorry about the pics but i could not be bothered to get the tripod out the car as was late

xray machine ?

ambalance turntable

motors for the turntable ?

Im pretty sure this is a lead lined concrete base trace box ?
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