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Report - Cottage Farm (Cars), Worcestershire - June 2011


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Visited with ... well Uncle Tom Cobley and all really.

An exchange of texts ... a meeting at a station... a drive in pissing rain to a vague destination, the usual urbex set up... Up a front path strewn with rubbish bags which had lain uncollected for so long they were being reclaimed by the undergrowth, and into the house. Dark, claustraphobic, and - to be frank, pretty minging so I left it to Mookster, Dweeb and Speed to dig through strata of old newspapers, clothes and God knows what else for whatever pearls they might find.
Bracing myself for a scream as someone found a corpse I headed out to look at the cars... Only to find another party of explorers already photographing them. I must have looked like some kind of security because they were very keen to reassure me they we just taking photos.
I know nothing of the history of the place. The location is being kept under wraps, for now at least.
Here are a few pictures.


Oh boy... a Citroen DS. A fairly late one, probably not a canditate for restoration - it has "donated" various bits already.

A Vauxhall Viva. Incredibly well preserved this is pretty much as they left the factory in Ellesmere Port.

A detail from a VW beetle. Interesting how the green has almost obscured the red paintwork, but the Badge is made from something it won't grow on.

Mark 1 Triumph 2000. My parents had two of the Mark 2 version of this in the mid 1970s. Fatastic things they were.

A Wolsey ... Hard to spot under its pile of stuff (thanks Scott)


Two of the old 405 line B&W TVs littering the place.

More views of the ones we've seen already.


The DS again

And again.

Rear lights on big Citroens are a thing of wonder, the church window shaped ones on the XM, or the lalique ones on the C6. So are these.

The viva. I didn't put the shoes there.

And finally the DS.

Thanks for looking.

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