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Report - Cottage Farm (hoarders house) Droitwich, 02/2014


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Right so this is my first report as i am quite literally the most useless person in the world with computers, this is actually the third time i've tried posting a report but my laptops a piece of crap and i end up wanting to pitch it out the window but i think i have sussed it now. i have been exploring buildings as long as i can remember being allowed to leave the house on my own! only this last year or so as i have got more into photography i have realised about the wider "urbex" community.

The Hoarders House- ‘This is the house of MR David Godfrey howells and MRS Ida Howells who unfortanly passed away in 1990 . This house was originally was his parentshouse ( Alfred ) , He grew up there. Was possibly a milk farm among other things.’ Donebythe – MidlandsHertage.co.uk

hope you enjoy the pics











please let me know if i did anything wrong on the post or how i can improve it, i downsized the res on my pics as i have uploaded a mix of pics from my proper camera and some from instagram shots i took. hope you enjoyed the pics, there is a few more shots from hoarders house on my flickr if you want take a look - oakleyframer.
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i see the roofs been cut off that rare Talbot


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Nice report man.
Can I ask - image 9 - I love the tone of the shot is that straight b&w or did you post-process it much fella?


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This place was one of my first explores a couple of years ago and the place has really deteriorated since then. Well done for getting out there and getting it done though


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Watch your step on the path going up to the house, the Well is exposed since somebody thought it was ok to take the water pump.

Good photos here, I had a good noise around a few weeks back and really enjoyed looking around the vehicles, would have been nice to see them just taken over by Mother Nature and not vandalised though.


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Sorry to say this is true! I took detour on my why to work... very recently ;) ... and they are all gone.


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The DS is on ebay at the mo, looks like its in a scrap ward in Worcester. Ebay bizarrely suggested I may be interested while looking for a camper van!


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Real shame the cars have gone! Was looking at hitting this place for ages. Am still keen for a visit though. DM me if interested