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Report - Coulsdon Deep Shelter - January 2013 - Surrey


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I had big exploring plans for today, four different sites, I charged my camera, torch, even got myself new warm gloves. I left my place before 6, full of optimism, looking forward to explore new exciting places:). All went pretty well until I got to the first one - one of the nearby gasometers. Got busted within 5 minutes by one of the guys walking pass.. Didn't want to wait for the police to turn up so gave up and drove to the second one. I got there quite late, it was already light, so had to give up again...
After first two fails I decided to check nearby old Water Tower, my next stop. So I was driving this nice country road, admiring white landscape, still full of optimism until my car got stuck in the deep snow right in the middle of nowhere. After few attemps to move it, I was getting deeper and deeper in the snow and right in the panic, I called AA, then sat in my car nearly crying awaiting for the rescue. After 40 mins I saw group of guys cycling(!) down the country road, so decided to run after them, asking for help. And they helped me! I was so grateful! Could carry on my journey avoiding country roads this time.
And finally I got to Coulsdon. Thank you Wevsky for your map!!! While walking next to the fence, I saw metropolitan police car parked right next to it. I couldn't believe that, how unlucky! So I sat in the car for another 15 mins watching them from the distance waiting.. and finally they were gone:)
Now how did I find the entrance, well it wasn't that easy, everything was covered in a deep snow. And again I spent so much time walking around, trying to find something which looked like a hatch, hole, whatever. Then I made my last attempt to find it, started hopping around which I think looked well silly and eventually jumped on something which felt empty inside. Small doormat size. Bit of squeezing but I was in!!! Finally!
Bunker made amazing impression on me. Long corridors, some old machines left in there, big wheels. Great exploring.

Bit of history (borrowed)

This large public air raid shelter is one of four which were proposed and built by Surrey Council at the beginning of WW2, the others being at Epsom Downs, Ashley Road in Epsom and Kenley. After the war, the shelter was used by a lense manufacturing company and later as a garage, and most of the internal fixings and equipment seem to date from around this time. The tunnels themselves are lined throughout in brick, and have unfortunately become a dumping ground in recent years.

Some pictures here:











balls on the wall? :)









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